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Orders placed until 11pm will now be delivered THE SAME DAY. For queries, please contact us at 0304-1110195

  1. Hunter's Gourmet Sweet Chilli Chutney Hand Cooked Potato Chips, 40g
  2. Lindt Swiss Dark Chocolate With Roasted Hazelnuts  100g
  3. Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate 38g
  4. Lindt Lindor, Hazelnut 100g
  5. Lindt Lindor, Assorted 500g
  6. Lindt Excellence Cherry Intense 100g
  7. Lindt Excellence Cocoa 78% 100g
  8. Lindt Hello Just For You Heart Chocolate 45g
  9. Valor Dark Chocolate 70%, Mint 100g
  10. Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mini Bars, 188.5g, Bag
  11. Emoji Surprise Egg, 1 Piece, 15g
  12. Hershey's Milk Chocolate Flavour, 40g
  13. Hershey's Kisses, Milk Chocolate With Almonds, 150g
  14. Movenpick Swiss Milk Chocolate With Cocoa Splinters, Chocolate Chips, 70g
  15. Truffino Almond White Truffle Chocolate With Almond & Coconut, 450g
  16. Cagla Poky Twist Caramel Chocolate, Pouch, 1000g
  17. Lindt Excellence Milk Extra Creamy Chocolate, 35g
  18. Lindt Excellence Intense Dark 70% Cocoa Chocolate, 35g
  19. Lindt Lindor Ball 60% Cocoa Extra Dark Chocolate Box, 200g
  20. Lindt Excellence Cocoa 99% Dark Chocolate, 50g
  21. Tayas Magic Milk Chocolate Bar, 80g
  22. Tayas Magic Almond Chocolate Bar, 80g
  23. Tayas Magic Hazelnut Chocolate Bar, 80g
  24. Chowaray (Dried Dates) 250g